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See below for CORPORATE ACCOUNTS and FREE PIZZA for everyone...
OUR AIM: The best,
delivered cheaper than the rest!
Pay by Card, Apple Pay or Google Pay and enjoy
Or call 0131 566 0104
FREE PIZZA for everyone living in Edinburgh is now ongoing...Available 12:00 to 23:00 (Once per person ever)
If you have already enjoyed a free pizza or if you just want to help us give everyone who is struggling with the cost-of-living crisis a free pizza please donate on Just Giving and share...
Pure Pizza was BIG NEWS on Monday 2nd January 2023 on BBC and our offer went viral worldwide!  As a result demand is trebling our forecast. However, with your help and that of thousands all over the world we anticipate being able to continue offering people FREE PIZZAS throughout January and hopefully throughout February.
We have the largest oven capacity of any Pizza Delivery Operation in Edinburgh as our ovens can cook 18 pizzas every 6 minutes.  
We can also keep 60 pizzas hot under 5 shelves of hot lamps and we have the best Pizza Delivery Hot Bags in the market which hold 7 pizzas each.
The key to successful large orders is to cook the pizzas so quickly that the first ones haven't cooled much before leaving the shop and that they are kept as hot as possible at every stage.
Our Sourdough, Gluten Free, Vegan, Halal, Dairy Free, Vegetarian & Meat Pizzas are all highly rated.
We have a choice of 59 toppings including 14 meat toppings and 34 Vegan toppings and many cheeses.
Our largest order so far was 300 pizzas for the Edinburgh Royal Dick Veterinary School's annual jolly where all 5 years have a day off full of fun!
We can deliver very large orders up to 49 pizzas with just an hour's notice for emergencies. Otherwise, a day's notice is ideal. Please email Marc on or text him on +44 7791 843 702 for corporate enquiries and large orders.

Pure Pizza Morningside
8 Morningside Drive
EH10 5LY
+ 44 131 566 0104
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